Exploring the Senses in Uncanny Sculptures by Ronit Baranga

Ronit Baranga - Feast detail

Ronit Baranga, who we featured previously as part of our anatomical sculpture list, is an Israel-based artist creating uncanny body-part hybrids out of clay and porcelain. Shown here are works produced by the artist in the last three years. In addition to her brand of sentient kitchenware, Baranga harnesses the unseen emotions of different parts—i.e., the urgency of hands and the soft responsiveness of skin—to challenge the way we look at inanimate objects and regions of the body. The feelings they elicit are intentionally visceral; as Baranga states in an interview with Klassik, “Viewers of my work almost instantly react: they are either enthusiastic or appalled, but never indifferent. I hope that their reaction stimulates them to think about the ideas and content that’s derived from my art.” Visit her Instagram for more.

Ronit Baranga - Embraced

Ronit Baranga - Embraced 2

Ronit Baranga - Grave Watchers

Ronit Baranga - Hollowed Ladies Squeezing Kettles

Ronit Baranga - My Artemis

Ronit Baranga - My Artemis

Ronit Baranga - Tattooed Baby

Ronit Baranga - Tattooed Baby 2

Ronit Baranga - Feast

Images © Ronit Baranga