Winston the Whale Keeps It Weird by Inking Trippy Tattoo Designs

Tattoo by Winston the Whale

Portland-based artist Winston the Whale, aka Dave, went viral a couple of years ago with his anaglyph 3D tattoos. Since then, he’s continued to grow from his simple (and visually vibrating) blue and red linework; his new designs are colorful and have a 1960s and 1970s-inspired aesthetic—even some influences from the Memphis Design era as well. Whatever the style may be, Dave says that he likes to keep it weird and prefers to tattoo imagery that’s strange.

Skull tattoo by Winston the Whale Unicorn tattoo by Winston the Whale Tattoo by Winston the Whale
picasso style tattoo, deconstructed face psychedelic face, rainbow crazy 80s tattoo, monster Memphis Design tattoo by Winston the Whale


Scorpion tattoo by Winston the Whale
Images © Winston the Whale
Sara Barnes

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