Art Body Art Tattoo

Fine Line Tattoos in a Vintage Illustration Style by A-B M

animal in the shape of california

A-B M is an interdisciplinary artist whose creative endeavors include tattoos. The illustrative pieces are influenced by their formal education in painting, after which time they began “learning and sharing skills of the trade” with friends. What draws A-B to tattoos is the bond formed between artist and client. “The necessity to integrate this intimate art form into a sustainable practice motivated A-B to perfect their craft by pursuing formal training in Oregon.” Now working in Tenderfoot Studio alongside tattoo artist Pony Reinhardt.

snake in bird beak

rabbit tatoo on arm

wolf tattoo on arm

road runner tattoo

Bird tattoo on shoulder

rabbit tattoo in flurry

porcupine tattoo on arm

rabbit tattoo on the back of legs

Images © A-B M.