Animals Art Drawing Tattoo

Naturalistic Tattoos Resemble Vintage Etchings

Animal portraits on calves by Pony Reinhardt

Artist Pony Reinhardt transports us to the woods with her naturalistic tattoos. The monochromatic line drawings feature animals, flowers, and even fungi, stitched together in sprawling scenes that highlight the Earth’s beauty. Their detailed style showcases all of the outdoors, from meticulously-etched veins in leaves to roughly-textured bird beaks to the grain of wood on a fallen log. Because of this, they have the look of engravings from the 16th century and create a unique mashup between vintage and contemporary.

Nature scene tattoo on back

Majestic bear overlooking grees

Detailed bird with lines radiating from its head

fungi, mushroom tattoo

Animal underneath a moon

Bunny portrait on arm

Calf on side of leg

Bird tattoo on back

Images © Pony Reinhardt.