Women in Nature: Tattoos by Bru Simões

Brusimoes fine line tattoo art
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Wilderness inspires Bru Simões, an artist and self-proclaimed “gypsy tattooer” in Brazil. “I have this strong connection with the physical world,” she says. “We all do, especially women. Women are guided by the moon, and have the same cycle as the flowers.”

Her new “Women In Nature” series is a passionate tribute to the rhythms of the earth. “The same particle that created everything around us, created us, as well. It is all about the soul, and our soul comes from nature.”

Brusimoes sacred woman tattoo Brusimoes single needle tattoo sketch
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Brusimoes surreal portrait tattoo Brusimoes flower face tattoo Brusimoes swimming in the night tattoo Brusimoes caos tattoo close up Brusimoes divine feminine tattoo Brusimoes mermaid tattoo
Images © Bru Simões

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