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Bloody, Beautiful, and Bizarre: Portraits by Karina Marandjian

Karina Marandjian - Obsessed with Black

Karina Marandijan (a.k.a., “daunhaus”) is a Moscow-based artist creating wonderfully weird digitally modified portraits. Her compositions are dark and surreal with a touch of fetish; piercings and wounds mark the body of the ivory-skinned alien-esque subject, creating a bloody contrast of innocence and suffering. The white backdrops resemble a sterile, laboratory-type environment, within which the subject appears to be experimenting with her own identity in an uncomfortable state of transformation. Follow Marandjian’s work on Facebook.

Karina Marandjian - Ave

Karina Marandjian - Faith, Hope, Love

Karina Marandjian - Inside

Karina Marandjian - My Pain

Karina Marandjian - Remember Me

Karina Marandjian - She Draws Crosses on the Wall

Karina Marandjian - Black Mirror

Images © Karina Marandjian (daunhaus)