Oscar LLorens’ Drawings of Tangled Objects and Explosive Migraines

migraine, girl hanging from a balloon of junk
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A piercing squeeze of the brain, the unbearable and unending pain. That migraine. Depicted by Oscar LLorens in a small number of Wacom drawn compositions of head exploding people with their cerebral matter formed from stacks of cartoon characters and hoarded objects. Such a nutso combination of things (hippopotamuses and yellow traffic cones); but once you know what the theme is, it does make sense visually.

LLorens, a Madrid-based illustrator, has given some dedication to the cram-everything-into-one drawing style—both made by the computer and by pencil/pen—which has appealed to the likes of many of his clients including Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, and more.

migraine drawing, tangled objects and man drawing depicting migraine pain closeup of migraine project
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
tangled object balloon and fish closeup of a fish head drawing tangled ball, drawing tangled mess, ball, illustration man tangled in ropes, like a puppet tangled puppet guy brain open, character drawing
Images © Oscar LLorens.
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