Color Digital Illustration Motion

Plunge into the Hypnotizing Sea of Lines by Mario De Meyer

novelty waves, line digital art, motion

Probably not the best graphics to look at if you suffer from motion sickness (like me). But they are totally cool if you can handle the swishes and swooshes of lines forming ocean-like waves. These psychedelic-colored strings pull us in like we are traveling through fiber optic cables around the vast Internet. It is a journey escaping the surface level of our computers and daily life; a dive into the abstract and experimental world of Mario De Meyer, a graphic designer obsessed with typography and using Photoshop and Illustrator to create brain stimulating images.

closeup of blue and green wave lines, motion illusion

green waves, vector art

orange and grey waves, illustration

orange sea, line art

purple and pink bubbly waves, illustration

red and pink waves, line art

purple, part of the novelty wave series

Images © Mario De Meyer.