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Intricate Cut Paper Portraits Tell Curious Stories

Artist Monique van Uden creates intricate artworks by making meticulous slices with¬†an X-Acto knife. As she cuts from single sheets of paper, things like twisting vines, lush florals, and grandiose scenes all emerge within silhouetted male and female figures. These fine inner details tell stories of their own, and with every composition, it’s as if […]

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Sam3’s Graffiti Art

Street artist¬†Sam3 is internationally known for his silhouette paintings on building walls seen in Lisbon, Barcelona and beyond. In 2013, he has continued to use his signature black paint for eye-catching murals, an example is the optical illusion shown above. Sam3 has also explored white paint graffiti, coloring parts of wood fences and leaving other […]

Art Cutouts Paper Art Silhouette Art

Hand Cut Paper Art

These silhouettes are cut from a single sheet of paper by Dmytro and Iuliia. Their work is being sold at Etsy, and and if you like their style, you will also enjoy illustrations by Joey Bagley and David A. Reeves.

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Islands of Echoes

Sean Lewis has beautifully illustrated the cover for¬† The Wilderness of Manitoba‚Äôs latest album, “Island of Echoes.” It “partially channels a nightmare that Will told me about set at Elk Island. This was a really tricky painting to pull off, it was very hard for whatever reason to get two¬†separate¬†colour schemes to work together, but […]

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Silhouettes of Pop Culture Icons

For six months, Olly Moss has been making paper cutouts of his favorite characters from movies, comic books, and more. From Edward Scissorhands to Darth Vader, they were all present in silhouette form at the Gallery 1988 in Melrose, Los Angeles.

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Silhouettes Come to Life!

Artist Joe Bagley hand cuts each design from a single piece of black paper. His artwork is available for sale at Etsy.

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The Street Vandal

The graffiti art of Nick Walker.