Art Color Fashion Patterns Photography

In Love with Fashion

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I have selected Tejal Patni’s 2014 Calendar,”In Love with Fashion.” It was photographed for one of Middle East’s largest fashion retailers, Splash, and it is all about showing current trends from the runways. The most stunning image is “Love Floral” shown above, which elaborately mixes patterns in an aesthetic way, and […]

Art Body Art Patterns Photography

Forming a Human Tower

Spanish photographer David Oliete captures stunning photos at the biannual event Concurs de Castells in Tarragona, Catalonia. Teams of people in color-coordinated shirts are aligned and united to create a foundation for a human tower of six to 10 levels. The higher and more elaborate the tower is, the more points each group receives. Photos […]

Art Black & White Body Art Geometric Patterns Tattoo

Hypnotic Tattoos

Currently working at Tattoo Crew Production, Pierluigi Deliperi’s art style is different than his colleagues because of its geometric nature. His psychedelic patterns become three-dimensional and appear movement flowing on the body, and he inks traditionally in black, or black and red. You can view colored photos at his Facebook page.

Art Body Art Geometric Patterns Tattoo

Stippling Tattoos from Japan

Japanese artist Alucky (a.k.a. Kenji) specializes in black-dot tattoos that combine various influences like fractal, psychedelic and tribal art.

3D Art Body Art Geometric Patterns Tattoo

Neo-Tribal Tattoos

Italian artist Marco Galdo is known for his modern take on tribal tattoos with a fusion of geometrical shapes. He inks mainly with a stippling (dot) technique, and his work has a “wow” factor due to his balanced combination of flat patterns with 3D blocks and mazes.

Architecture Art Geometric Patterns Photography

Architectural Symmetry

Passionate about modern architecture, Bernhard Rateike takes photos that highlight constructions with a balance of geometric shapes, patterns, colors, and more.

Art Body Art Patterns Tattoo

Tattoos from Germany

Tattooist Gerhard Wiesbeck has quite a few fans on Facebook—having received from 500 to 2,000 likes for many of his designs. The majority of his work is in black ink, or black and red. Wiesbeck’s intricate patterns combined with bold shapes remind me of Roxx TwoSpirit’s and Nazareno Tubero’s tattoo art.

3D Art Cutouts Paper Art Patterns Sculpture

Paper Art: Inside Out

What is interesting about Rachael Ashe’s paper cutouts is, she not only creates two-dimensional art but also makes three-dimensional sculptures. Her transparent boxes have a wow factor with the overlaid organic patterns, and when light peeks through, the shadows create a 4th element to each piece.

Art Drawing Patterns Sketchbooks

Radiant Patterned Art

These are the beautiful sketchbook drawings of Mira Sjogren. The artist uses various materials like graphite, marker and paint to produce different textures and shading. And she creates an interesting balance by combining smooth-filled portraits with elaborate patterned backgrounds. Many of Sjogren’s images are positioned in landscape page view, however, she has done some in […]

Art Color Graffiti Patterns Street Art

Art Based on Heritage

Was street artist Curiot listening to Bjork while he was painting? Some of his characters look like they could be in one of her videos. The real influences are actually related with Mexican culture—from folklore to saturated colors and geometric shapes found in traditional pottery.