Bold Tattoos by Inez Janiak Look Like Charcoal Drawings

expressive bird tattooed on thigh

Inez Janiak creates tattoos that look as though they’re drawn with charcoal or pen. The Poland-based artist has seemingly ripped her designs from the pages of a sketchbook and flawlessly translated them onto human skin. The bold yet unsure lines—which vary in weight line like the drawing tool—retain their energetic look and feel, like they’re about to jump off the skin in one burst.

Janiak currently tattoos at SIGIL Tattoo in the city of Łódź.

bird tattoo on chest by inez janiak bear tattoo by inez janiak
wolf tattoo by inez janiak tiger tattoo by inez janiak animal skull on chest, tattoo, black ink air balloon tattoo by inez janiak dancer tattoo by inez janiak
Images © Inez Janiak.
Sara Barnes

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