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Elschwino’s Vibrant Tattoos Favor Artistic Expression Over Rules

sketch style monkey tattoo on thigh

German tattoo artist Elschwino crafts his body art using vibrant colors and energetic line work to make his subjects—surreal portraits and animals—visually pop from the skin. They represent a playful perspective on the New School style and favor artistic expression over the sets of rules that govern other approaches like American Traditional. Elschwino is compelled to mix drawing styles that best suit the individual client. With such an artistic fluidity, his work is truly unique.

sketch style owl tattoo

elephant tattoo by elschwino

portrait tattoo in two views by elschwino

three tattoos on arm by elschwino

dog tattoos by elschwino

rooster tattoo by elschwino

man and bear tattoo on arm

bird and cat tattoos by elschwino

Images © Elschwino