Grotesque, Beautiful Life: Sculptures by Russel Cameron

Russel Cameron, sculpture - surreal, grotesque sculpture on bed, cover
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Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers.

Russel Cameron is an American, self-taught artist from Brooklyn, New York, who creates sculptures that are grotesque and profound in their representations of life. With skin-like textures and shapes similar to human body parts, each creation looks deformed and unsettling, devoid of context and meaning. However, Cameron’s work encourages us to overcome revulsion to see the beauty within; with incredible attention to detail, he imbues his sculptures with emotion and the right to exist, supporting his belief that everything on Earth has intrinsic beauty and gifts worth exploring. Visit Cameron’s Instagram to watch his films of the sculptures in motion.

Russel Cameron, sculpture - decaying lump of flesh and bone Russel Cameron, sculpture - death and decay
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Russel Cameron, sculpture - deformed hand deformed creature, sculpture Russel Cameron, sculpture - Rat Tub Russel Cameron, sculpture - deformed, disembodied limb closeup of strange limb
Images © Russel Cameron

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