Chilean Street Art Around the World: Colossal Murals by INTI

INTI - Colombia 2014
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INTI is a street artist from Valparaiso, Chile, who paints large-scale murals on buildings around the world. From France to Delhi to Santiago, INTI brings his South American roots to life in colorful portraits that represent the overlapping histories of Chilean arts and culture, the Incas, capitalism, and Christianity. Embodying these complex systems of tradition and colonization are INTI’s eerie doll-like characters, each one adorned with religious and commodified symbols. As an ambassador for South American street art, INTI’s thought-provoking works are giant, silent testaments to the effects of globalization and the enduring power of cultural memory and spiritual belief.

INTI - Spain 2014 INTI - Montreal 2014 INTI - France 2014 INTI - Holland 2014
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INTI - Poland 2013 INTI - Belgium 2013 INTI - Turkey 2013 INTI - Puerto Rico 2013 "La Madre Secular" Marseille / France 2016. graffiti by inti INTI - Santiago 2013
Images © INTI

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