A Peek into the Photographic World of Denis Kulikov

water tunnel, portrait of girl
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Note: Contains nudity.

The 23-year-old Russian photographer Denis Kulikov finds most of his models through the web. Some are actual friends. Often posing in the nude, the models sit on sofas and beds, walk around someone’s home closing and opening doors, and playfully throw plastic sheeting over their bodies to create artistic shots for the cameraman. “I find it easier to work with nude than to pick up clothes for the frame—it’s often organizationally and technically problematic. Plus I like the aesthetics of the female body,” he comments. “I shoot what I see (including the imagination). So I’m trying to transmit my view of the world.” And he does share it through images that intensifies our role as the observer.

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Photos © Denis Kulikov

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September 6, 2016 Art Photography Portraits