Smoke, Tentacles, and Myth: Photography by Valeria Chorozidi

Valeria Chorozidi - smoke figure
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Valeria Chorozidi is a fine art photographer from Greece who is ever-drawn to the darkness of things. Until recently, she shot mostly self-portraits inspired by ideas that came to her late at night. While she also now works with other models, self-portraiture continues to serve as an important creative outlet for her personal and aesthetic discovery. Featured here is a selection of her images with their eerie, recurring elements; smoke and tentacles writhe and expand, poetically exploring the passionate and often terrifying depths of mythology and human emotion.

Valeria Chorozidi - black figure with smoke
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Valeria Chorozidi - smoky figure on building Valeria Chorozidi - ominous dark figure on building Valeria Chorozidi - tentacles Valeria Chorozidi - woman with tentacles
Images © Valeria Chorozidi

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