melting face, self-portrait

Flora Borsi’s Strange Body Morphed Photos (aka the “Siamese” Project)

siamese, self-portrait, twisted

Previously featured for her high-contrast photographs of “Des Monstres,” Flora Borsi’s 2016 experimental project (“Siamese”) unveils black-and-white images of the artist as she twists, morphs and duplicates herself as conjoined twins. It isn’t a remake of the famous 1800s circus act of “Siamese Twins” Chang and Eng Bunker, or a 1930s Picasso piece, it’s solely Borsi’s visual take of her inner struggle—the epic battle of good vs evil—which she explains, “the one who always remains silent, wants to escape, and everyone has this part in themselves.”

siamese, bodies , black and white

double eye and mouth, portrait of flora borsi

twist hands and neck, portrait

melting face, self-portrait

twisted bodies, conjoined twins

Images © Flora Borsi

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