Pretty in Pink! Photos by Prue Stent, Clare Longley and Honey Long

mouth eating pink gelatin, flush photo series

Note: Contains nudity.

Like Christopher mentioned in a past post, “Prue Stent clearly has a favourite colour based on her fascinating photo series.” That same color continues to be a preference in her latest work called “Flush,” co-produced by Clare Longley and Honey Long and commissioned by Sugar Mountain Festival 2016. On the walls of their art installation we see a bubble-gum-dyed bathing suit stretched to fit three girls and also closeups of nipples, mouths and female bodies. Some snapshots seem to be a study of the human anatomy, while others seem playfully erotic. There is music in the background, a mural on the floor, and a waterbed with pink sheets for spectators to lie on and appreciate everything that surrounds them.

painted nude, flush photo series gel beads in ear, flush photo series mouth open, flush photo series pink bubble, photography
silicone piece over mouth, flush photo series skin and silicone, flush photo series bathing suit stretched on three women, flush photo series two women wrapped in pantyhose, flush photo series pink gel stuff in hand, flush photo series flush, art installation flush, spectators lying on bed
Images © Prue Stent, Clare Longley and Honey Long.
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