Creepy Crocheted Animal Skeletons by Caitlin McCormack

Caitlin McCormack - two crocheted animals
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Caitlin McCormack is a Philadelphia-based artist who crochets delicate skeletons using cotton string stiffened with glue. Her brittle creations—which include birds, small mammals, and bizarre hybrids—resemble archeological specimens, pressed in the earth and decayed by time. They writhe, unravel, and cluster together, embodying both the despair of extinction and the persistence of memory.

Caitlin McCormack - crocheted winged creatures Caitlin McCormack - crocheted winged skeleton Caitlin McCormack - crocheted animal skeleton
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Tatoo book
Caitlin McCormack - twisted crocheted animal skeleton Caitlin McCormack - crocheted skeletal wings Caitlin McCormack - detail of crocheted cluster of animal skeletons Caitlin McCormack - crocheted winged animals Caitlin McCormack - crocheted animal skeleton lying on side
Images © Caitlin McCormack
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