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Placide Avantia Tattoos the Dark Aesthetics of Nature and Geometry

artist placide avantia

Placide Avantia is a tattoo artist based in Aix-en-Provence, France. Combining animal imagery with geometric shapes and esoteric symbols, she etches (using vegan ink) the darkest aspects of nature, illuminating the symmetry, spiritualism, and cycles of life and death that permeate the natural world. She works from her private studio Fuscare, which she designed with photographer Tony Avantia. The black-walled shop is decorated with dark art, wet specimens, and atmospheric music, creating an immersive and soothing space for the client to settle into. Avantia also has a clothing brand of the same name, which similarly reflects her fascination for the realms of nature and dreams.

snake and key tattoo

esoteric tattoos on arms

moth tattoo on stomach, goth

bat tattoo on arm

engraving style tattoo on arm

dark circle tattoos on arms

goat and wolf tattoo, dark art

skeleton and cat tattoos

Images © Placide Avantia