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Tender Sacrifice: The Photography of Ines Kozic

Ines Kozic - woman holding needle, thimble, and flying insect

Ines Kozic is a French photographer who decorates youthful bodies with symbols of sorrow, contemplation, and death. Insects are a recurring motif in her work, representing the transience of life and material processes of decay. Her more recent black and white images explore the feminine form in dark relation with the forest, drawing on fairy tales and the occult to evoke deep emotions and human mythologies.

Ines Kozic, Cursed - woman holding handful of bugs

Ines Kozic, Curiosités - arms holding small animal bones

Ines Kozic, Nectar - woman with bee in mouth

Ines Kozic, Insomnia - man with large beetle on forehead

Ines Kozic, Disorders - woman with green hair

Ines Kozic, Beetles Dream - hair filled with beetles

Ines Kozic, Rag and Bones - woman with dark hood

Ines Kozic, October - woman performing ritual movements in forest

Ines Kozic, Myth - woman in forest with eyes covered

Images © Ines Kozic