Art Mixed Media Painting

Paintings and Drawings by Marjolein Caljouw

painting of tattooed girl, paintbrushes and paints

Receiving a package in the mail (inside neatly placed a book, an art print and a Leica camera with case), artist Marjolein Caljouw is asked by French sender/client to paint the leather case included within box. A “Capricorn,” he says. And so she begins sketching the mountain sea-goat on paper and painting it on leather (see bottom of post). This being an atypical project for Caljouw who generally does mixed-media art on paper of beautiful maidens in Neverland and Wonderland.

painting of tattooed girl

red drawing of woman lying down

sketchbook drawing

blue hands, drawing

close up of blue hands, fingertips

painting of a woman's face

painted leather camera

All images and video © Marjolein Caljouw