Winter’s Requiem: New Works by Laura Makabresku

Laura Makabresku, Wintersleep - woman and fox sleeping under ice
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Stillness and winter’s chill permeate the newest works of Polish photographer Laura Makabresku. Describing her photos as “screenshots from beautiful but cruel fairy tales,” she often includes animals as symbols of transition and death. There is a sense of beauty, romance, and darkness that weave together to enrapture the imagination. From the woman embracing a fox beneath the ice to ravens picking the eyes of a plastered face, Makabresku summons the bleak but beautiful atmosphere of the season.

Laura Makabresku, Foxy Cradle - woman embracing fox Laura Makabresku, Sara - Ravens picking at plastered face Laura Makabresku, Sara - detail Laura Makabresku - scalpel on skin
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Laura Makabresku - scalpel on ribs Laura Makabresku - embrace with scalpel Laura Makabresku - wearing black veil and holding raven Laura Makabresku, Lessons of Darkness - dead bird laid on body Laura Makabresku, Self Portrait with My Dear Husband - artist wearing face veil in embrace Laura Makabresku, Mourning - arms holding ravens
Images © Laura Makabresku

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