Halloween Lighting and Black Cats: The Fashion Photography of Elizaveta Porodina

blonde model with black cat, photo

We see model Alexander Wolf and Mathilda (the cat) elegantly posing for one of the many fashion shoots by Elizaveta Porodina, a Russian photographer living and working in Munich, Germany. Her other pictures are a bit darker with the appearance of female devils and goths with red eyelids and elongated bodies. There is a Halloween vibe in most shots (although they were not taken with that intent) for the editorial pages of Pupmag, Quality and Vogue.

paint decoration on face, woman with black hat cat face illusion, photography devil horn woman, halloween, fashion photography
red eye girl in black clothing, creepy blonde model holding black cat black body suit. model purple haired woman with flower weird rabbit man, fashion shoot halloween color set, photo of modern witch
Images © Elizaveta Porodina.
Adriana de Barros

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