Disfigured Flesh: The Morbid Creations of Sarah Sitkin

Sarah Sitkin, human bust sculpture with face caved in
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Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers.

Sarah Sitkin is a Los Angeles-based artist who creates sculptural works of mutated body parts that have taken on a disturbing life of their own. Pieces of flesh and bone are mashed together like horrific monuments, oozing and growing hair. In other works, human faces are caved in or splintered with protrusions of bone, and masks are shaped in the likeness of genitalia. Made out of silicone, clay, resin, latex, and plaster, Sitkin’s unholy creations are gruesomely captivating.

Sarah Sitkin, body cast, body wrapped in plastic wrap and ropes, creepy Sarah Sitkin, Jeffyboy, face crumbling into smoke
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Sarah Sitkin, face with creepy bones Sarah Sitkin, Djmrex, fleshy sculpture with grotesque food Sarah Sitkin, eerie white model with extra sculpted arms Sarah Sitkin, human bust made of mashed-up facial features Sarah Sitkin, human wearing creepy silicone mask Sarah Sitkin, passive collaboration for Work Magazine, pile of human body parts
Images © Sarah Sitkin

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