Art Sculpture

“Chained,” 3D Street Art by Edoardo Tresoldi and Gonzalo Borondo

chained street art

This is a brilliant street art piece made by wire sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi and muralist Gonzalo Borondo. Titled “Chained,” also the name of the art event organized by gallery Wunderkammern who invited nine important urban artists to create outdoor installations in the city of Milan. An exhibition focused on the food chain, and how humans are part of this biological community and “only one of many elements in a chain dependent on the entire system.” [1]

painting, mural chained

closeup of graffiti piece, chained

wired sculpture of man, mural

side view of building, chained mural

chained, outdoor installation

1. "Chained." Retrieved on July 27, 2015.

Images © Edoardo Tresoldi.