Samurais and Superheroes: The Dark Art of Kavan the Kid

goodbye, couple hugging, photo by kavan the kid

If you remember these creepy pics by Kavan the Kid, you’ll be excited to know: he’s released a new series with samurais and superheroes. The Mountain and the Viper (hint: Game of Thrones) are seen battling it out, a Samurai fully painted in Kill-Bill-yellow-and-black is present in a number of dramatic scenes, and it is interesting that Kavan the Kid portrays many of these characters. He gets deeply involved in his craft similarly to Cindy Sherman who portrayed various personas in her acclaimed conceptual photographs.

black samurai, photo by kavan the kid the mountain and the viper, photo by kavan the kid
the viper, blue painted man,photo by kavan the kid samurai, death's prayer, by kavan the kid yello samurai, photo by kavan the kid man punching ground, photo by kavan the kid the crow keeper, superhero, photo by kavan the kid
Photos © Kavan the Kid
Adriana de Barros

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