3D Art (“Pipelines”) by David McLeod

pipeline, 3d sculpture by David McLeod
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Known for creating insanely cool 3D typography, Australian designer David McLeod explores something different this time on his computer. “Pipelines,” that’s what he calls these generative abstract forms which came about by mere accident, a “happy accident through experimentation” as he informs me. “Each is created from a moment in a simulation where the pipes are floating around in a turbulent space… I enjoyed getting lost exploring how adjusting one parameter of the simulation would yield a form with completely different characteristics to the last.”

off white pipelines, 3d art by David McLeod
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copper, pipelines by David McLeod white sculptural art (3d) by David McLeod metal pipeline by David McLeod
Images courtesy of, © David McLeod.
Adriana de Barros

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February 23, 2015 3D Abstract Art Digital Experimental