The Road to the Unknown: Photography by Reuben Wu

zigzag mountain, Reuben Wu
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Not only is he a photographer, Reuben Wu is also a musician and co-founder of electronic band Ladytron. How cool is that? This Chicago-based artist has been displaying his surreal still images in exhibitions across the United States. An interesting project is his ongoing series, “An Uncommon Place,” which he states is “an attempt to convey my relationship to landscape and artefact. A perpetual search for unfamiliar terrain.” [1]

isolated road, photo by Reuben Wu me and the city single tower walking on snow on top of badlands, photo by reuben wu
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orange sky, smoke, photo by Reuben Wu alone in the night, Reuben Wu man and tower, Reuben Wu startrailing and car driving by woman in the dark, Reuben Wu at the edge of the world,Reuben Wu
1."An Uncommon Place." Behance. Retrieved on February 12, 2015.
Photos © Reuben Wu

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