Bling-Bling Graffiti by Felipe Pantone

silver and rainbow color lettering, graffiti by pantone f
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Of course there is a lot of eye candy here. Felipe Pantone consistently uses shiny white and neon paints in his murals that look influenced from Op Art. His graffiti makes me reminisce the 1980s with bright colored typography, Synthpop music, SMPTE color bars on the TV… but there are also elements (like a Chat icon) that makes me think he’s connecting to present time and the future of digital technology. The Internet, a social information wonderland and hell. And what are the effects of globalization? There is definitely a message embedded into the 3D shapes and letters that he sprays onto the walls.

world map, glossy shine, graffiti by pantone f letters and neon colors, graffiti by pantone f shapes and colors,graffiti by pantone f
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Tatoo book
neon graffiti by pantone f op art style graffiti stripes, colors, graffiti by pantone f bling graffiti, 3d style by pantone f mural on large building in argentina, by pantone f behind the scenes photo of panton f working on a large mural
Images © Felipe Pantone
Adriana de Barros

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