Iwan Yug’s Photorealistic Tattoos

robber with human-face mask, tattoo by iwan yug

Whether in color or black-and-grey, Iwan Yug is able to create eye-catching photorealist art for his clients. This Ukraine-born artist living in Moscow began tattooing in 2005—exploring different techniques and styles until resuming to his favorites: realistic portraiture and wildlife. Often using a photo reference as he tattoos, some of his designs require editing and drawing directly on the client’s body, which he says “is necessary to have good art skills.” [1]

revolver gun tattoo by iwan yug

realistic lighthouse and tree with eye sleeve, by iwan yug

realistic owl tattoo by iwan yug

red mushrooms and vegetation, tattoo by iwan yug

polar bear tattoo by iwan yug

grim reaper, death, tattoo by iwan yug

1. Rajarkillen. "5-Question interview With Iwan Yug,"
 Tattoo Art Project, January 1, 2014.
Photos © Iwan Yug