Timeless Black-and-Grey Tattoos by David Allen

classic sculpture tattoo
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Chicago-based tattooer David Allen worked as a graphic designer, including three or four years as art director for heavy metal music magazine, HM. His passion for drawing led him to moving on from that career to becoming a tattooer; starting an apprenticeship at Bluebird Tattoo in Indiana. Fast forward to today, he is tattooing at a private studio, Pioneer in Chicago, having built a name for himself and working in color and predominantly in black and grey. His soft-shading style is like spray-painted stencils, with sculptural figures and flowers flowing organically on the body. It is also remarkable his work on concealing Mastectomy scars, giving his clients beautiful illustrations to look at.

Listen to a great interview with the artist on Life + Limb, conducted by Chuck Anderson.

tattoo over breast scar soft flower tattoo black and grey
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rose tattoo on back trees and sketch drawing, scribbles, tattoo owl stencil style. tattoo trees tattoo flower and eye tattoos
Photos © David Allen

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