Biomechanical Tattoos by Stepan Negur

incredible biomechanical tattoo of a woman

The tattoo shown above is a magnificent composition of biomechanical art. Just like tattooer Mike Cole who is inspired by the late H. R. Giger (known for artistic creations of human-machine hybrids), Stepan Negur is also inspired by Giger’s work as you can see in some of these tattoos. Negur’s signature style includes the use of greyscale or bluish tones for his skull designs, and then using fluorescent colors on the eyes and mouths for a glowing effect. He’s also applied this luminous technique on animal tattoos, such as roaring bears and weird Sphynx cats.

alien movie creature tattooed on arm, giger influence skull with green lit eyes, tattoo sleeve
skull lit with blue lights green realistic eye tattoo biomech tattoo
Photos © Stepan Negur

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