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Monsters and Skulls: The Dark Tattoos of Javi Antunez

frankenstein monster tattoo

Technically James Hetfield (frontman of Metallica) is not a fictional monster like Frankenstein or Dracula, but he is a heavy-metal monster for his fans. He’s fantastic! His portrait was tattooed by American artist Javi Antunez (see image #6) who spent several hours perfecting his facial expression and scream best known as the death growl. A lot of his tattoos take about three to four hours to make, like the raven, Franky, third-eye skull, and the girl whose face was ripped off.

roses and skeleton tattoo

skulls dripping on head tattoo

raven tattoo on back

owl and rose tattoo


mad clown tattoo

skull with cyclop eye and woman's faced teared off tattoos

Photos © Javi Antunez / TattooedTheory