Flickr’s “20 Under 20” Photography Selections

young man with hat, various men with same hat. "The Helpers" by Nicholas Scarpinato.

Five judges have selected the 20 most talented young photographers on Flickr for an online exhibition, “20 Under 20.” I had already featured one of the artists, Berta Vicente Salas who is precisely 20 years old. And now I’m sharing the work of 10 other creatives who explore a variety of themes from capturing the beauty of loneliness to moments before a big storm. The images are emotive and simple which will leave you wanting more.

Top: “The Helpers” by Nicholas Scarpinato.
man upside down by briand goldman
“Impact” (self-portrait) by Brian Oldman.
silhouette of young man, "Battle" by Evan Atwood.
“Battle” by Evan Atwood.
man lying on ground, sprinklers on, "Sunrise Dream" by Olivia Bee.
“Sunrise Dream” by Olivia Bee.
blonde girl in forest, Rachel Baran
“Wild Youth” by Rachel Baran.
woman and storm, "Untitled" by Lauren Withrow.
“Untitled” by Lauren Withrow.
girl with cloud on head, "Seeing Clear" by Lissy Laricchia
“Seeing Clear” by Lissy Laricchia.
"101/365: in rain or shine" by Alex Currie.
“101/365: in rain or shine” by Alex Currie.
kids in train tracks, "Back (Jinky's Home) by Zev.
“Back (Jinky’s Home) by Zev.
couple hugging, "What Remains" by Greg Ponthus.
“What Remains” by Greg Ponthus.

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