Valentina Ryabova’s (Some Sensual, Some Innocent) Tattoos

lolita-style girl with sunglasses, tattoo by valentina ryabova
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Note: Contains nudity.

A Lolita-like girl in red sunglasses, a nude woman in rope bondage… there is definitely a kinky side to some of these tattoos. There is also great artistry in the compositions, a care for light and shadow in hyperrealist quality. It is just beautiful the way Valentina Ryabova inked the roped girl in a Chiaroscuro-type-of-way making it look 3D; you almost forget it is a tattoo on someone’s arm.

mismatched faced, tattoo by valentina ryabova
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rainbow striped girl and classic red car with sling and lego, tattoo bondage woman tied up, tattoo by valentina ryabova photorealist skate boy and girl eating ice cream, tattoos by valentina ryabova
Photos © Valentina Ryabova

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