The Gorgeous Rice Terraces of Vietnam

high altitude rice terraces, mountains, valley, by  Sarawut Intarob
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It is no wonder Sarawut Intarob has nearly two-million views on his 500px page, just look at these images! He has taken pictures in New Zealand, Thailand, Nepal and Tibet, but these paddy fields in Vietnam are really a thing of beauty. The contrast of the smokey-blue-sky with the layered golf-course-looking-vegetation on mountainsides are relaxing and scenic views for any tourist, but for farmers, it is actually a lot of work to create the terraces and maintain the land.

sarawut-intarob-05 thai oxan on rice terrace beautifual scenic view of the rice fields multicolored rice terraces in vietnam
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woman walking on the rice field hill stunning view of rice terraces green rice terraces, paddy fields in vietnam side view of bright green rice terrace aerial view of rice terrace with two houses, vietnam. paddy fields kids having fun in a vietnam rice terrace, paddy fields
Photos © Sarawut Intarob
Adriana de Barros

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