Tattoos of the Art Genius Dali, the Grim Reaper, and More

realistic tattoo of salvador dali
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Don’t confuse Demon Tattoo studio with the one in England, this one is located in La Seu d’Urgell, a town located north-east of Spain. The shop is owned by Daniel Martos who specializes in photorealist tattoos including portraits of celebrities, movie characters, and clients’ loved ones and pets. You can see an improvement in Martos’ portraiture from 2010 to now—i.e. his soft shading has always been present, but he is adding much more detail to the faces and composes the designs better on the bodies. The artist uses a lot of Black Scorpion ink for his monochromatic work and sometimes adds blue ink onto the shading to give it a cool black appearance (an example is the woman in kimono, fifth image); a technique that graphic designers utilize when printing different tones of black.

black cat tattoo girl with rollerskates, tattoo by martos sherlock holmes style image with man wearing a top hat
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crazy clown tattoo asian style clothing, woman portrait tattoo smoke, fumes... transforming into a skull Dali moustache portrait, philippe halsen based, tattoo by martos the grimm, skeleton in cloak tattoo
Photos © Daniel Martos/Demon Tattoo
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