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Mancia’s Tattoos with Architectural Elements

religious-themed tattoo by tony mancia

American artist Tony Mancia sometimes spends 10 hours custom designing a tattoo for a client. It takes some thought to come up with interesting compositions such as fusing late Gothic and Renaissance cathedrals with portraits of women. His passion for architecture is apparent as he includes details like the quatrefoils (four leaf-clover frameworks) and rose windows in his tattoos. There is motion and a morphing effect in much of his work.

cathedral fusion with woman's portrait, tattoo by tony mancia

impressive tattoo of woman's face by tony mancia, realistic

woman's face with decorative patterns on it, tattoo by tony mancia

woman tattoo by tony mancia

blue skull tattoo by tony mancia

old man tattoo by tony mancia

tattoo of woman and child on back, by tony mancia


Reference: "All or Nothing Tattoo Artist: Tony Mancia."
Photos © Tony Mancia

Via Tattoo Magazine