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Timur Lysenko’s Ravishingly Dark Tattoos

pink and black skull tattoo by timur lysenko

There is darkness and beauty in Timur Lysenko’s tattoos. His work was mentioned to me through Paul O’Shea, a long-time reader and member of Illusion’s Google+ community page. This Polish-based tattooer uses gradient shading to create 3D wow-factor portraits and flowers, and then mixes into the compositions flat lines and sweater-style patterns for a contrasting effect. There is a lot of black pigment, and some bright pink or red. The aesthetic and themes are like flashbacks of horror movies; bits of Edward Scissorhands and Beauty and the Beast, as well as Punk Rock music and album covers.

3d pink rose tattoo by Timur Lysenko

strange woman with pink hair, tattoo sleeve by Timur Lysenko

dark art: skull and woman with red paint on face, tattoo by Timur Lysenko

three tattoos by timur lysenko

andry wolf and woman portrait on back. tattoo by Timur Lysenko

glowing skull tattoo by Timur Lysenko

Photos © Timur Lysenko