Vhils’s Graffiti and Styrofoam Art Is Exhibited in Lisbon

vhils styrofoam portraits from the dissection art show at edp foundation
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Street artist Vhils has finally gotten the credit he deserves. This is his first major solo show at the Electricity Museum (EDP Foundation) in Lisbon, located near the breathtaking Jeronimos Monastery and Belem Tower. From a cylindrical mural outside the entrance, to a giant Styrofoam anamorphic piece (inside the museum) with three faces emerging once you walk up 4 flights of a scaffold, his show is all about dissecting Lisbon. Taking parts of it, actual materials, and analyzing the changes of the city over time. He reviews how globalization has affected the Portuguese capital; how citizens are gradually altering their habits and possibly less interested in traditions. The exhibition also reflects Vhils’s journey as a graffiti artist, from his start in Seixal (Portugal) painting urban walls and subway trains, to his recently acclaimed work in China, Brazil, Spain and beyond. He has photographed people from his travels and depicted them in his artwork. Their facial expressions are illustrated on rusted metal plates, wood doors and concrete walls. His diverse use of materials and surfaces require using different techniques, and this is truly interesting to see up close.

close-up, vhils styrofoam portraits from the dissection art show at edp foundation styrofoam art by vhils, edp foundation woman profile, vhils styrofoam portraits from the dissection art show at edp foundation full shot, portrait from dissection exhibit by vhils portrait from dissection exhibit by vhils
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portraits on wood doors by vhils, from dissection series vhils-18 vhils-19 close-up of mural, graffiti by vhils portraits cutout-collage by vhils mural on alcantra building by vhils close-up of graffiti portrait, lisbon building alcantra, by vhils close-up of an eye, graffiti by vhils
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