knifes with skull illusion by roman boyko

Sliced Bones: Tattoos from Russia

knifes with skull illusion by roman boyko

If you gather all the knives, axes, bugs, animal skulls and traps, you will likely have enough props for a horror movie. Some of Roman Boyko’s tattoos look like they came out of a slasher film, or just a sinister edition of an anatomy book. He uses black ink to illustrate the vertebral column and other bone studies; and if you like his art style and themes, you can find the artist working at Faux Pas in Moscow, Russia.

chest and belly tattoo by by roman boyko

skull face, strange tattoo by roman boyko animal skull and rose by roman boyko

skeleton praying, tattoo by roman boyko

trre and impososible triangle and fox tattoos by by roman boyko

Photos © Roman Boyko

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