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versace medusa by tristan eaton
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LA artist Tristan Eaton has been busy, in February he was painting a sci-fi anime inspired mural on a three-story building during the festival POW! WOW! Hawaii. In March, he used up to 500 spray cans (with the help of four assistants) to illustrate a piece in honor of Alexander Bell on a former telephone company building in Florida. And just this month, he was working on a wall for a new Versace store in Ala Moana Center (HI), using 200 spray cans to complete it.

tristan working on the versace mural woman cartoon portrait by Tristan Eaton statue of liberty graffiti by Tristan Eaton cartoon, comic style mural by Tristan Eaton
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close-up of cartoon graffiti by Tristan Eaton graffiti on building by Tristan Eaton Tristan Eaton working on a mural, colorful art front view of audrey hepburn mural by Tristan Eaton audrey hepburn mural by Tristan Eaton
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