Samarina’s Bright Colored Drawings and Tattoos

dreams, bear and girl drawing by nika samarina
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You may see artists using saturated colors in a tacky manner, but when it comes to Nika Samarina her wildlife drawings and assorted theme tattoos are vibrant and selective. There is clearly a European aesthetic to the way she controls the use of bright yellow and green, not going overboard like some Latin American painters. This Moscow-based tattooer is yet another photo-realist excelling from Russia. In addition to a very cool outer space sleeve shown within post, check out Samarina’s favorite cartoon character Totoro inked on a client’s back.

astronaut in green by nika samarina spectacular storm and field with tree, tattoo by Nika Samarina wildlife drawing by Nika Samarina pink flowers. skull and butterflies by Nika Samarina geometric wolf tattoo on back, by Nika Samarina
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owl and trees drawing by Nika Samarina outer space sleeve tattoo by Nika Samarina close-up of the space sleeve tattoo by Nika Samarina hyperrealist portrait by Nika Samarina totoro tattoo illusion by nika samarina beautiful flower tattoo cover-up by nika samarina
Photos © Nika Samarina

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