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The Tattoo Freestyler

free form blue face on thigh, tattoo by jay freestyle

He is called Jay Freestyle and the last part of his name is actually what he does frequently: he improvises tattoo designs during his session with his client. Not all artists can do that, but this South African living in Amsterdam is all about learning on his own and thinking outside of the box. His spontaneous creative process leaves clients in suspense, and then in awe with the cool tattoos he comes up with. Freestyle also enjoys traditional painting, and his skills in this medium have definitely influenced the aesthetic of his work.

free form flowers tattoo by jay freestyle

red flower sketch style tattoo by jay freestyle

up in the air, balloons and house, tattoo by jay freestyle

gorilla tattoo by jay freestyle

abstract tattoo by jay freestyle

snail shell with turtles and origami tattoo on chest by jay freestyle

bird and woman tattoo by jay freestyle

the artist jay freestyle tattooing a client

Images © Jay Freestyle

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