An Assortment of Visual Illusions by Zachary Norman

playing cards stacked pyramid by by zachary norman

A big part of Zachary Norman’s art focuses on his study and creation of optical illusions from stacked 3D cubes that appear to be falling over, to impossible objects that are crazily intertwined and messing with one’s mind. If you enjoy these images, also view the work of Fanette G. and Gianni Sarcone.

branches on black paper by zachary norman impossible object by by zachary norman 3d cubes stacked by by zachary norman
playing card illusion box by zachary norman staircase illusion by zachary norman 3d shapes by by zachary norman wood framed illusion by by zachary norman
Images © Zachary Norman

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Adriana de Barros

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April 18, 2014 Art Geometric Illusion