A Dramatic Flight

man flying in air from a wrapped sheet on head, photography by kyle thompson

Young photographer Kyle Thompson likes venturing out to isolated spots in the forest to take pictures. His conceptual self-portraits were shot with a camera, but they are also digitally edited to create effects such as duplicated hands and cloth flinging in mid-air. His work shows some signs of inspiration from surrealist Rene Magritte—an example is the sheet covering his head like in “The Lovers,” and another is a clock placed in front of his face, a remake of “The Son of Man.”

hands coming out of lake, photography by kyle thompson white powder in air, creates angel wings, photography by kyle thompson
man holding branches with fire on arms, photography by kyle thompson gasoline creates fire line on field. photography by kyle thompson man jumping up wrapped with sheet, photography by kyle thompson bare feet in mid air, photography by kyle thompson
Images © Kyle Thompson

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Adriana de Barros

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