Harding Meyer’s 2014 Paintings

goggly eyed girl by Harding Meyer
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The eyes are vibrant, magnetic, and glitch like a TV screen. Harding Meyer paints female faces with great technique, each brushstroke forming his characteristic stretch, smudge and mosaic effects. Which all give a beautiful distorted appearance that possibly hints admiration for Francis Bacon. Working with oil on large-sized canvases, Meyer often paints in his studio in the company of his beloved dog.

girl portrait painting by Harding Meyer large-scale paintings in studio with artist's dog posing. Harding Meyer
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Tatoo book
seeing double, a portrait of a blonde woman. Harding Meyer the artist's studio space, Harding Meyer portrait of a woman with dark hair, photo in an office room. Harding Meyer close-up, painting brushstrokes, eye, Harding Meyer
Artwork and photos © Harding Meyer
Adriana de Barros

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May 7, 2014 Art Painting Portraits