Art Show by Seventh Son Tattoo at 111 Minna Gallery

tiger art from seventh son tattoo studio artist for 111 minna gallery

Even though 2022 was the official “Year of the Tiger,” Seventh Son Tattoo believed it would be a fitting homage to begin 2023 with a traditional motif as the theme for their art exhibition. From Pinky Yun to Ed Hardy, the tiger has been consistently and strongly represented in the tattoo industry. Luke Stewart, tattooist and owner of a high-end shop (Seventh Son) in San Francisco, staged a group show of around thirty artists, ranging from permanents at his studio to guest artists. Grime, Scott Sylvia, Paul Dobleman, Jeff Croci, Henry Lewis, Victor J Webster, Matt Leibo, Christina Ramos, Joey Armstrong, Shun Nakatsuru, Max May, Kim Stace Thomas, Jared Smith, Andre Malcolm, David Grizzle, Amanda Lynn, among others, are the artists whose paintings were displayed. The exhibition opened on January 21 at 7 pm at 111 Minna Gallery in the city, a venue that only sometimes showcases tattooists’ artwork but recognizes the creativity and potential of this community. And each individual contributed to tattoo art’s formal recognition as fine art.

Even though you may assume that a large metropolis like San Francisco would be isolated, the community joined together for a beautiful occasion. It attracted art collectors, interested observers, and tattoo lovers to a lively venue. Michelle Delaney, co-owner of Minna Gallery, and David Young, a painter, worked diligently to create this group exhibition and were very kind to the media and all visitors.

Christina Tiger Ramos, artist by her artwork at 111 minna gallery in san francisco
tiger and rabit in chinese style painting on fan by jared smith, from seventhson tattoo studio, minna gallery
Tattooist Matt Leibo at art exhibit at 111 minna gallery
Bill murray portrait art by david grizzle, year of the tiger, at 111 minna gallery sf
Painter david grizzle at seventhson son art show in san francisco, minna gallery
right, the art of henry lewis at 111 minna gallery
Tattooer Henry Lewis at 111 minna gallery
Shun Nakatsuru, and luke stewart's wife
spectators at Seventhson tattoo art show at minna gallery in san francisco
tiger art paintings on wall at 111 minna gallery
tattoo artist Max May, representing seventh son tattoo studio
tattoo artist paul dobleman, representing seventh son tattoo studio
tattooed spectator
group photo of amanda lynn, grime, luke stewart, max may, dylan, andre malcolm, michelle delaney, Kim Stace Thomas, henry lewis
outside of 111 minna gallery art show in san francisco
Photos © The Tattoo Journalist / Scene360