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Most of you reading Scene360 are creative individuals and know how important it is to brand yourself and studio. Whether you are a tattooist, illustrator, photographer, graphic designer, filmmaker or other, it is essential to have a bunch of well-designed and unique biz cards to give out. Take a look at this fresh US-based company, Print Peppermint, which provides an assortment of quality and chemical-free business cards in special finishes: holographic, die-cut shapes, raised foil, letterpress, layered paper, suede, wood … the list goes on.

If you don’t have an image-editing app on your computer, no worries! Print Peppermint offers online tools to help you start and finish your card design, or you can simply get their award-winning design team to do it for you. Plus, there is more stuff you can print like iPhone stickers, posters, magnets, flyers, and more. They have produced over 10,000 printed works for brands like Vice, Google, NBA, and even, well not a brand, but Chuck Norris! (Hint: Get discounts and secret offers by signing up to their newsletter.) Enough said, get started!

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